How do I register to bid?

You can use the “Register” option on the menu at the top of our home page or the “Create account” option at the top of our catalog page. Both options lead to the same process. Once you have created your account with Proxibid, you will be able to login and bid using the “Bidder login” … Read more

What do the item numbers tell me?

When an item arrives and is checked in we assign what we call an item number. This is a six digit permanent number that does not change. Once the item is placed in the sale yard it will be assigned a lot number which consists of the numerical month of the next auction, followed by … Read more

Can I bid online?

Yes, and actually since May 2020 all bidding is done online. We have a relationship with Proxibid which provides our online bidding platform.  You must register first with Proxibid to qualify for online bidding.  Special terms and conditions will apply, so be sure to read our terms carefully.  You can find links to your Proxibid … Read more

Can I view the inventory online?

Yes, use the catalog option at the top of our home page to see what we have in inventory.  It is updated daily so check back closer to the auction if you don’t see what you are looking for. Each auction is split up into four different rings.

Are there any fees to participate in the auction?

Just watching the auction is free.  You can register and participate without spending a dime.   However if you do buy something then applicable sales tax, buyer fees, title fees and tag fees will apply.  If you buy a non-titled item only sales tax and buyer fees apply.  We do have items from various government consignors … Read more

Do all the vehicles in the auction come with titles?

The overwhelming majority do come with a clear title.  The only exception are vehicles marked as “Salvage” or “Junk “.  Salvage vehicles are sold with a “Certificate of Destruction” and are for parts only.  Junk vehicles are sold with a salvage title and must be “Rebuilt” before the buyer can get a “Rebuilt” title.  As … Read more

When can I preview the inventory?

We are open for visual preview Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and since we accept consignments through Wednesday before the auction the best days for preview are Thursday and Friday.  Demonstration will only be done on Friday the day before the auction.   A short video of the engine running, if applicable … Read more

When are the auctions held?

The auctions are always held on the second Saturday of each month.  We open the gates at 8 am and each ring starts closing at 9:00 am.  We stay open auction day until 5:00 pm but the auctions are usually over by 2:00 or 3:00 pm.  We are open for preview Monday through Friday from … Read more