Payment terms


Full payment is required before the close of business on the first Monday after the auction.  If you can not comply with our payment terms then please do not participate in the auction.  Payment made by cash, certified funds or wire transfer will allow you to take your purchase the same day.  Any other form of payment may require that you leave your purchase until payment is verified.  Certified funds are instruments such as cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks and money orders.  Any of these instruments may be subject to verification by the issuer which in most cases will not be able to be done until Monday.  A wire transfer on Monday is acceptable  and must be done no later than the close of business on the Monday following the auction on Saturday.  Only cash or wire transfer will be accepted if paying late (past Monday).

Company or personal checks are acceptable forms of payment, but will require five business days for collection to be verified unless a letter from the issuing bank that guarantees payment is provided.  A letter of reference, available funds or line of credit will not be sufficient.  We do not accept credit or debit cards, bank drafts or third party checks.  No checks or certified funds will be accepted after the Monday deadline.  

Applicable sales tax will be collected on all transactions unless a valid Florida tax exempt certificate has been provided prior to or on the day of the sale.  Acceptable documentation according to the Florida Department of Revenue is a Florida dealer license and tax exempt certificate for titled items or just a tax exempt certificate for non-titled items. If you are a dealer from another state then you will have to provide us with your states equivalent documents and you will have to sign an out of state dealer affidavit for our records.  Purchasing something to export to another state or country does not in of itself exempt a transaction from sales tax in Florida.  Since we are not involved in the shipping, sales tax will be collected on all items purchased by a retail buyer for export.

For titled items a valid Motor Vehicle Dealer license must also be provided to exempt the transaction from sales tax and title fees.  The current typical Florida titles fees are $75.75 for  State & County fees, $25 agency fees and $20 dealer fees for a total of $120.75 but may vary by the type of vehicle, transfer and/or the type of original title.  The highest possible transfer fee would be $145.75 and the lowest would be $50.75.  All title transfers in Florida will become electronic titles unless otherwise requested and specifically noted on the invoice.  License plates can be purchased or transferred through us at exactly the same rates charged by the County tax collector and will vary based on the class of vehicle and the type of buyer.  A typical passenger car tag for an individual is around $300.  Proof of insurance will be required to buy or transfer a license plate and a registration will be required to transfer a plate.  If you choose not to buy or transfer a license plate through us then keep in mind that you will not be able to do either yourself at a tax collector’s office until you receive a title receipt from us showing we have processed your title.  This could take several weeks but by law we have thirty days from the date of sale to process the title.  

We allow two weeks after the auction for pick up before storage charges begin to accrue at the rate of $10 per item per day.  Items left on the auction grounds are at your own risk.  The auction is not responsible for damaged or stolen items.  This applies to items left due to your method of payment because how you pay is your choice not ours.  In most cases we can provide assistance with loading your purchase when required at no charge as a courtesy.  We do this only with the understanding that we will not be held liable for damages which may occur during loading.  Loading that requires special equipment or more than one hour will be the buyers responsibility.