Consignment terms

Consignments for each auction are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm starting on the second Monday after each auction, until Wednesday three days before the next auction or until we reach capacity.  Please call ahead to be sure we still have space available for the type of item that you plan to bring.  Our sales commission is 10% of the first $10,000 and 5% of the balance of the selling price of each item with a $75 minimum for non-titled items and a $100 minimum for titled items. 

Some items may be price protected, however there will be a no sale fee charged on items that do not sell.  The fee will be 3% of your minimum price with a $150 maximum fee per item.  Boats, cars, vans and light trucks that are ten years old or older will not be price protected.  Heavy trucks and trailers that are twenty years old or older will not be price protected.  No items will be price protected for less than $500 and please note that we reserve the right to require absolute sale as we see fit.  Our staring bid is $100 and there is a $25 handling fee for items that do not get a bid.

A title must accompany any vehicle, boat, RV, ATV, utility vehicle, motorcycle or trailer of 2000lb in net weight at the time it is consigned.  A public VIN that matches the title must be present and legible on all titled items.  Trailers and towed equipment under 2000lb net weight must be accompanied by a registration with a matching serial number that can be found on the item.  A Bill of Sale or some type of proof of ownership may be required when a non-titled item is consigned.

Any known defects must be disclosed to us when an item is consigned.  Failure to disclose known defects may result in a permanent ban from selling at our auction.  Consignment terms may be different for Government agencies and Dealers, so please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the specific terms that may apply to you.

Loading and unloading with the assistance of our equipment is provided as a courtesy and therefor we will not be responsible for damage to consignments, transport vehicles or trailers that may occur during the loading or unloading process.