What do the item numbers tell me?

When an item arrives and is checked in we assign what we call an item number. This is a six digit permanent number that does not change. Once the item is placed in the sale yard it will be assigned a lot number which consists of the numerical month of the next auction, followed by a dash, followed by the lot number which indicates where on the yard the item has been placed. For example a tractor with lot number 2-1525 will be in the February auction and will reside in row 1 and its number is 525. Each row is actually an isle which has side one and side two. Numbers 100-499 are in side one and 500-999 are in side two. Vehicle rows are similar but the range of actual lot numbers is different. Numbers 100-199 are in side one and 200-299 are in side two. An example of a vehicle in row 7 on the first side would be 2-7125. Once you have attended your first auction this will make perfect sense, but you almost need to see it in person.