What happens if my consignment does not sell?

There are two circumstances in which your consignment would not sell.  First, you put a minimum bid on the item and it did not bring your minimum.  In this case, if the minimum was $1000 or less you can leave it for the next auction in which it will be sold absolute to the highest … Read more

When will I receive payment for what I sell?

We issue checks for consignments on the second Monday after the auction.  They are available at 8:00 am when we open and will be taken to the post office and mailed around 3:00 pm unless you request that we hold it for you.

Can I put a minimum price on an item?

We do allow price protection on certain items but not on others.  Titled passenger class vehicles must be newer than 10 years old and commercial class trucks must be newer than 20 years old.  Any equipment we deem to be of less than $500 in value we will not price protect.  We reserve the right … Read more

What are the terms for selling an item?

We charge 10% of the selling price on each item with a $50 minimum commission on non-titled items and a $100 minimum on titled items.  See our consignment terms section for more detailed information.