What happens if my consignment does not sell?

There are two circumstances in which your consignment would not sell.  First, you put a minimum bid on the item and it did not bring your minimum.  In this case, if the minimum was $1000 or less you can leave it for the next auction in which it will be sold absolute to the highest bidder or you can remove it from the auction and pay a no sale fee.  If the minimum was over $1000 and you decide to leave it for the next auction, the price must be reduced by at least 10% of the original minimum.  If the item does not sell in the second auction and you decide to leave it for a third auction, then it must be sold to absolute to the highest bidder.

The second circumstance would be if the high bidder does not pay.  This is not pervasive, but does happen.  In this case, you can leave the item for the next auction at the same terms or remove the item at no cost to you.  F.Y.I. any bidder who does this is permanently barred from our auction.