When will I get my title if I buy a vehicle?

As a motor vehicle dealer we are required to transfer the title into your name through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  We do this within thirty days of the date of the auction as required by the State.  All titles are done as electronic title unless otherwise requested.  An electronic title means that once the transfer is complete you will be able to go to any county tax collector and have a title printed when you need one.  The tax collector will charge a minimal fee for this service.  You can also request a fast title for an additional cost of $15 that will cause the title to be printed at our local tag office and sent back to us where you can pick it up.  This will, in most cases,  cause the title to be available within two weeks of the auction.  If you are a motor vehicle dealer we will reassign the title to your dealership and it will be available sometime during the week following the auction.  There are circumstances when for one reason or another a title transfer can be delayed but we will always endeavor to get them done within the thirty day window.